Connecting to our Wider Community

To further support the children's learning and interest in cooking, at Pascals St Johns we have been organising for our Fantail children to visit the local shops and supermarkets to purchase ingredients for their cooking. This is organised in small groups with teachers ensuring all children have had a turn at visiting our local community throughout the month alongside teachers.

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A Happy Mother's Day <3

Pascals Herne Bay Kindy has been very serious about Mother's Day. Their beautiful mother’s got showered with lots of gifts, and yummy food.

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Visiting the local retirement home

Every fortnight on a Wednesday Pascals Kindy walks down to their local retirement home – Jervois Residential Care.

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Anzac Day at Pascals Kindy

For Anzac day, the children at Pascals Kindy baked some Anzac cookies, and painted beautiful poppies on stones.

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Pascals Albany at the MOTAT

The children at Pascals Albany have been studying the many kinds of transportation for a few weeks now. They concluded their learning journey by a visit at the MOTAT!

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Celebrating the Seaweek at Pascals Albany!

This year, Pascals Albany would like to strengthen their engagement with their local community. They set out to do this by collaborating with a chosen charitable organisation every last Tuesday of the month for an event that raises funds, resources and awareness for each of their relevant causes. Last Tuesday, they celebrated the NZ Seaweek!

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Excursion to Butterfly Creek

The children from Pascals St Johns went on an excursion to Butterfly Creek.

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Diwali - Festival of Lights

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights, celebrated every autumn in New Zealand. It signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.

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Matariki Festival

The Matariki Festival is one of our biggest centre traditions our learning community truly looks forward to each year. This year, we lifted the benchmark yet again.

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