What We Do

What We Do

Underpinning theory and approaches of: RIE/Pikler, Reggio Emilia, Socio cultural, and kaupapa Māori

We recognise that relationships are the roots and foundation of everything we do with children and families. We value and strive for genuine, warm, respectful, relationships, and have primary care and key teachers, so that families/whānau and children can have consistency and continuity every day.

Our unique bi-cultural heritage is founded in the treaty of Waitangi, and our children have a right to experience the languages, music, art and stories of Aotearoa. We also believe that children are more likely to achieve when they see themselves, their experiences, and knowledge reflected in teaching and learning.

We put emphasis on sharing, and open communication with our families/whanau, believing in a partnership where families are always welcome and encouraged to share their knowledge, to make contributions, and to be involved in the decision-making process around their child’s education and care. Ensuring all families feel valued and respected, and diversity is welcomed with open arms.

Infants and toddlers: We believe children develop confidence and curiosity when they have responsive and reciprocal relationships with their primary care teacher, supporting attachments, allowing them to build trust to explore, learn and grow. We engage on a one to one level with children, ensuring they feel special, loved, heard, and they know this is a safe place for them, where they are part of the family. We follow their routines and ways of being from home, as closely as possible to ensure routines are a peaceful, predictable, and known.

Young children: Forming connections, and developing relationships with key teachers allows children to feel safe, to be able to learn through play with and alongside others. We believe that when children feel known, valued, loved, and respected that they are empowered to develop self-confidence, self-motivation, to express themselves, their ideas, becoming independent learners and explorers, who make choices, take responsibility, and develop respect for each other and their environment. Our young children feel this is a place to come and spread their wings, and be involved in a high-quality curriculum, that fully supports their transition to school, and their involvement in the community and wider world.

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