What We Do

What We Do

We promote a balance of child choice and teacher-initiated experiences. This will be achieved through supportive, nurturing teachers and a caring, child-centred environment.

Children will have the opportunity to be looked upon as individuals and have their strengths realised and developed. This will be achieved through peer tutoring and learning alongside others: developing teina-tuakana relationships.

Children will be encouraged to meet challenges without fear, and understand that the learning process can be fun. This will be achieved ensuring that we are developing a programme based on the interests of the children. We believe that successful learning occurs within meaningful relationships and a rich learning environment.


Our programme is based on the principles which are Empowerment, Holistic Development, Family and Community and Relationships as well as the strands and goals of the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum: "Te Whaariki", Well Being, Belonging, Communication, Contribution and Exploration.

As a team of teachers, we promote: free expression, an anti-bias curriculum, a stimulating environment, and provide a wide range of equipment and activities. We encourage exploration, participation, individuality, independence, self-confidence and a child's freedom of choice. We provide a positive, nurturing environment where children are supported to develop at their own pace.

Underpinning the culture of the centre and the values and beliefs of the teachers and management at Pascals Herne Bay is the understanding and recognition of the virtues, both in the children and each other. Our teaching practice and child management methods strongly reflect these virtues. We value our partnership with parents, through an open and trusting relationship, and encourage parental input in every part of the programme. Family and whānau are a valuable and important part of the child's learning and development and we seek their feedback and contribution through a variety of methods.

We believe that children have the right to freedom of choice and that they and their families should be strongly involved in decisions that directly affect them. Nurturing Te Reo and Tikanga Māori is an important part of our centre philosophy. Bi-culturalism does not conflict with multi-culturalism. We embrace children from all countries who we welcome, value, appreciate, foster and nurture.

We would like the children of Pascals Herne Bay to leave our centre with positive attitudes towards learning, a thirst for knowledge, a strongly developed understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

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