What We Do

What We Do

Pascals St Albans is a purpose-built preschool that consists of four rooms. Our centre is unique because we have small classroom sizes. Research supports this as being beneficial for children’s learning and development.

At Pascals St Alban’s we offer a calm, peaceful atmosphere for your child and whānau to come into. Each room is set up to offer the best for your child in their learning and development.


  • The Kea Room is our nursery. This is a specialised infant care room. This room caters for our infants up to one and a half years old. This is dependent on each individual child. We believe in the Primary Care approach alongside freedom of movement.  Primary care giving means each baby is given a special person who will get to know your child and you well.  This system is widely known for supporting babies’ brain development and ensuring their individual needs are met. We really focus on the babies’ needs and requirements at this age. There is a maximum of 8 babies in this room.


  • Our Tui Room is for one and a half to two and a half year olds. In this room we also use the Primary Care giving approach and we concentrate on teaching and putting respectful practise into place. This room provides children with more space to be active and to explore and discover in their unique toddler way.


  • Spotted Kiwi Room is for our two and half to 4-years old. Here you have a specific teacher assigned to your child where they continue to develop independence, language and social skills.


  • Our last room is the Brown Kiwi Room. This is for our 4 year olds to school leaving age. This room we concentrate on formal learning around the children's interests and preparing the children for school in a fun 4-year-old way.

Our outside environment is split into two areas. One for the Kea/Tui children and the other for the Spotted/ Brown Kiwi children.

In these areas we offer resources and equipment to support continued learning and development. Our outside area also consists of a vegetable garden, herb and fairy garden and a worm farm. 

We have a wonderful relationship within the local community which include visits to the retirement village, surrounding schools and walks round the local area.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to our preschool family.


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