At Pascals we inspire children to reach their full potential through leading edge educational programmes that are research-driven, innovative and engaging.

Pascals – Setting the Benchmark in Early Childhood Education.

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Every parent dreams of an extraordinary life for their child. A life of joy and wonder. A life that’s meaningful and inspired.

At Pascals early childhood centres, we dream the same dream. We foster a thirst for learning, a love of exploration, and an unstoppable curiosity in our children – and we nurture tomorrow’s innovators and thinkers in an environment that’s safe, happy and engaging.

Pascals kids are supported to be all they can be, by highly experienced educators who want nothing less than the best for each and every child. Just like you.

Set your child up for a life that’s extraordinary. Find a Pascals centre near you.

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Pascals Blenheim has been an invaluable part of our lives for three-and-a-half years. We run a busy seven-days-a-week business which means that it’s essential for us to have reliable, quality childcare while we are not with our children. Because our girls are happy and well looked after, we can focus on work while they’re at Pascals and then spend quality time with them when we’re together as a family.

We have always felt the team at Pascals genuinely care for the girls. Throughout the years each teacher has made the effort to get to know them as individuals, celebrated their successes and supported them through their challenges. The individual touch has always been appreciated!

Casey Hilton-Pryor

What's On

Maths in Action

Everyday in lots of different ways, opportunities present themselves for our children to engage in mathematical concepts.


IMG 0412
The Magic of Playdough

No doubt over the years we’ve all had a wee dabble playing with play dough- whether it be the commercial play-doh brand that was first marketing as a play product in the 1950’s or the homemade version that has been whipped up in kitchens all around the world. There are many reasons why playdough is so popular and the skills developed through playing with this medium go far deeper than just imagination and creativity!


What learning happens when blowing bubbles?

There’s no denying the delight that bubbles can bring for children and adults alike! As an adult it comes naturally to us to be able to blow bubbles, but have you ever thought about the different skills it takes?


Childcare Assistance Update

Effective 1 April 2023, more people will be eligible for subsidy and the hourly subsidy rates will increase.