Our Rooms

Pascals Herne Bay has three separate rooms, enabling us to deliver safe, nurturing and age appropriate learning experiences for all our children.  

Fern Room (Nursery)

Leaving your young child (0 to 2 years) with someone new can be a hard transition for both you and your child which is why here in the Fern Room we practice primary caregiving to ensure a smooth transition for you both. Our goal is for your child to form a secure attachment with a primary caregiver, who will be responsible for your child’s overall wellbeing in the group. This will give your child a sense of security and confidence to explore once they know and trust that one primary caregiver to take care of their immediate needs. Primary caregiving reduces stress for both you and your child right from the start and supports your child to get through long days away from you. It is also a very important aspect of the RIE approach which our classroom philosophy is inspired by. RIE is respect for, and trust in your child to be an initiator, an explorer, and a self-learner. We believe that your child is a capable, confident, competent and resilient human being, therefore we involve them and/or talk them through their care routines, and we stress the importance of natural movement for your child - we will never put your child into a position they cannot get into or out of themselves. As well as being inspired by RIE, our classroom philosophy is based on the Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whariki.

Our Fern Room Team aims to provide a home away from home feeling for you and your child so that when you leave the centre in the morning you are secure in the knowledge that your child is nurtured, happy and safe.

Rākau Room (Toddlers)


Your child is turning 2! So, in preparation for this milestone, they will be entering the Rākau Room, which is specially equipped to cater for ages 2 to 3.5. Like its name, we are all about forming deeper roots with our families and friends while also branching out and discovering the wider world around us. We understand that for this stage in particular, your child is going through a lot of changes—physically, mentally, and socially. That’s why we focus a lot on developing the right attitude to take on these new challenges. We will support your child through the trials and errors of making friends, grow their curiosities and ideas about the great unknowns, and perhaps most importantly, develop their self-help skills in terms of toileting, meal times and sleep.

In short, we aim for all our tamariki to be self-managing, resourceful, and independent in preparation for the next stage of their childhood—preschool in the Koru Room!

Koru Room (Preschool)

Your child is now 3.5 years old and is ready to transition from the Rākau Room to the Koru Room where we take the preschool experience a step further. We provide environments where your child can learn and grow through our hands-on, open ended activities. This encourages your child to develop new skills while fostering creativity and self-expression. Emergent literacy and numeracy are an integral part of our school readiness programme and we incorporate it into so many areas of your child’s play, even Playball! Playball sessions are available for you child once a week here at the centre to improve your child’s movement and coordination among many other skills. We are a bicultural classroom and incorporate the Māori celebrations and language into our daily routines.

Our goal is to facilitate the development of the “whole child” who will be prepared for today and the future with knowledge, skills and dispositions, ready to venture out into primary school with confidence, competence and resilience for a lifelong love for learning. Let the Koru Room be an experience your child looks forward to every day!