Our Rooms

Pascals St Albans has three separate classrooms, enabling us to deliver safe, nurturing and age appropriate learning experiences for all our children.  Our outside environment is split into two areas. In these areas we offer resources and equipment to support continued learning and development.

Kumanu Room

Kumanu- 'to tend carefully, care for and cherish'.

The Kumanu Room is our nursery. This is a specialised infant and toddler care room, catering for children up two years of age. The Kumanu room is a relaxed space where the youngest children start their preschool journey. We accommodate infants (aged from 6 weeks) and toddlers (up to 2 years ) with a maximum of 10 children at any one time. Being a small nursery we naturally provide a primary care type environment, your child may have up to three teachers that they will eventually establish strong connected relationships with. 


Daily Rhythm 

In the Kumanu Room we try to stick as closely to each child’s individual routine as we can. We believe that children need to be given time and space to explore and discover freely. Outside is a lovely space, full of nature and plenty of opportunities to practice developing physical skills. We value our small group size and are passionate about keeping our environment calm and relaxed.

7.45am  Haere mai to Pascals Preschool. Learning experiences are set up offering inside and outside play
9.00am Clean up song
9.05am Morning Mat Time
9.20am Washing hands. Karakia. Morning Kai Time
9.40am  Sunblock
9.45am  Learning experiences set up offering inside and outside
10am Kope (nappy) checks
11.00am Clean up song
11.05am Mat time
11.20am Washing hands. Karakia. Kai Time
11.40am Learning experiences set up offering inside and outside play, After Sleep - Kope check, Sunblock
2.00pm Clean up song
2.05pm Washing hands. Karakia. Afternoon Kai Time.
2.20pm Learning experiences set up offering inside and outside play
5.30pm Haere ra

Primary Care: In our nursery classroom we offer primary care for each individual child as each child has their own different needs at different times depending to their culture, age and stage. This is to support a secure attachment for your child so they feel respected and safe here at our centre. Therefore the above timetable is just a guide.


Rauhī Room

Rauhī- 'to foster, nurture and protect'.

Our Rauhī Room is for our 2 to 4.5 year olds. In this room we also use the primary caregiving approach and we concentrate on teaching and putting respectful practice into place. This room provides children with more space to be active and to explore and discover in their unique toddler way.


Rauhi Learning space Pascals St Albans preschool
Daily Rythm

7:45 am: Centre opens

9:20 am: Rolling kai

9:50 am: Free play (outside play, group play, planned activities)

11:20 am: Mat time

11:30 am: Lunch time

12:00 pm:  Sleep time

2:15 pm: Rolling kai

2:30 pm: Free play (outside play, group play, planned activities)

4:30 pm: Late snack

5:30 pm: Centre closes

Whanake Room

Whaneke- 'Onwards and upwards'. 

Our Whanake Room is our school readiness learning space. Here you have a specific teacher assigned to your child where they continue to develop independence, language and social skills. We also concentrate on formal learning around the children's interests and preparing them for school in a fun way.


Daily Rythm

9.30 am: Room opens for group time- numeracy and literacy games and intentional teaching

10:00 am: Morning tea with news at the table

10.40 am: Inside/outside play

11.00 am: Outside play

11:30 am: Group time and stories

12:00 pm: Lunch

12:30 - 12.45 pm: Free play

12:45 - 1:00 pm: Tidy up and get ready to join outside play